The Washingtons: A Family History, Volume One Press Release

The Washingtons: A Family History, Volume One—the Most Expansive Family History of the Washingtons  Ever Produced—Debuts El Dorado Hills, CA August 18, 2014 – Author Justin Glenn begins his nine-volume, fifteen generation history with, The Washingtons: A Family History, Volume One. This expansive history traces the “Presidential line” of the Washingtons, starting with immigrant John Washington, who settled in Westmoreland County, Virginia in 1657, married Anne Pope, and was the great-grandfather of President George Washington. “As a young man in my late twenties, I marveled that no one had collected and published a comprehensive record of the Washington family,” said author Glenn. “Now that I am sixty-nine years old, I know why. To accomplish this required that I start very young, devote virtually all of my spare time to it for nearly forty years, and have the good fortune to receive enormous help along the way from the leading authority on the Washington family who has published extremely little of his voluminous research.” This volume continues the story of John and Anne’s family for a total of seven generations, collecting over 5,000 direct descendants. Future volumes will trace eight more generations with a total of over 63,000 descendants. Some of the more notable descendants included in future volumes are General George S. Patton, the author Shelby Foote, and the actor Lee Marvin. Although structured in a genealogical format for the sake of clarity, this is no bare bones genealogy but a true family history with over 1,200 detailed biographical narratives. These in turn strive to convey the greatness of the family that produced not only The Father of His Country but many others, great and humble, who struggled to build that country. The Washingtons: A Family History, Volume One (ISBN-13:978-1-94066-926-7), is now available on Amazon published by Savas Publishing, a Division of Savas Beatie. “Although the surname Washington is perhaps the best known in American history and much has been written about the Washington family for well over a century, it is surprising that no comprehensive family history has been published,” said John Frederick Dorman, editor of The Virginia Genealogist (1957-2006) and author of Adventures of Purse and Person.   Dorman continued, “Justin M. Glenn’s The Washingtons: A Family History finally fills this void for the branch to which General and President George Washington belonged, identifying some 63,000 descendants. This is truly a family history, not a mere tabulation of names and dates, providing biographical accounts of many of the descendants of John Washington who settled in Westmoreland County, Virginia, in 1657. . . . Each individual section is followed by extensive listings of published and manuscript sources supporting the information presented and errors of identification in previous publications are commented upon as appropriate.” About the Author Justin Matthews Glenn was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and raised in Glendale and Phoenix, Arizona. He graduated from StanfordUniversity (B.A., Classics, 1967; magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at PrincetonUniversity (M.A., Classics, 1969; Ph.D., Classics, 1970). His career as a professor of Classics at the University of Georgia and FloridaStateUniversity spanned thirty-five years, and he has served as Registrar General of The National Society of the Washington Family Descendants since 2002. He and his wife Jody reside in Tallahassee, Florida. About Savas Beatie LLC: Savas Beatie LLC is a leading military and general history publishing company. Contact: Olivia Rozok Savas Beatie LLC Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: 916-941-6896 Fax: 916-941-6895

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