The Positive Paradigm Handbook Will Change the Way You See Yourself and Others – Forever!

For the first time, author Pat West links modern physics with yoga philosophy, showing that Einstein already had the Unified Theory, just didn't know it. Now available, The Positive Paradigm Handbook: Make Yourself Whole Using the Wheel of Change, the keystone of the change series, is a practical, bare bones user manual that gives the basic axioms of the Positive Paradigm and examples to facilitate the process of change from the inside out. While true to the perennial Chinese Book of Change, the Handbook meets the needs of today’s leaders and decision-makers in every walk of life.

The Positive Paradigm Handbook gives you:

  • - a functional picture of how your really works, and what moves the people around you.
  • -  a practical method for achieving fulfillment, personal happiness and higher love.

  • -  an instrument for organizing your personal life, making realistic decisions and acting more effectively to achieve intended results.

  • - premier tools for cultivating self-awareness, making the unconscious conscious, and mapping goals for personal change.

  • - a comprehensive standard for assessing your leadership skills, maximizing this potential, and choosing which leaders to follow. a powerful diagnostic tool for identifying the roots of disease-causing stress and correcting lifestyle imbalances.

  • - and much more.

  • ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pat West balances an array of traditional credentials with non-traditional schooling in music, yoga, world scriptures and on-the-job training in a host of work settings.

    West attended Oberlin College, where she took a B.A. in history and philosophy, while performing in the conservatory orchestra and string ensembles as an “amateur.” Her M.A. in English and Ph.D. in Educational Administration are from the UW-Madison.

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