Annandale VA USA, 03rd March 2014 -The interest in learning how to read Quran is shared by children and adults from all over the world. People who are really passionate about learning this holy book need to find a really good Quran teacher who can teach them the right method of memorizing it. It is also very important to learn Quran with Tajweed. In other words, the Quran should not just be memorized by a student but he or she should be able to recite it in the correct manner and with the right pronunciation.

Lots of people prefer to learn the holy Quran online so that they can devote as much time as is convenient to this important exercise. When a person is reading Quran he or she needs to do a great deal of memorization. The entire process can take from a few months to a few years depending on the student’s level of motivation and the time available to devote to the exercise. Therefore, one needs a really good teacher who is well versed in this holy book and also has a good command over classical Arabic.

Many people sign up for online Quran classes in order to learn Tajweed from the right teacher. A good Quran tutor will be completely familiar with Tajweed rules and will also have excellent communication skills. The teacher makes the learning process relatively easy by customizing a study program to suit the needs of the student.

Prospective students of the Quran can visit in order to find out how they can learn this holy book. The website employs excellent teachers who give personalized attention to each student for the entire duration of the period that they are studying. Each Quran teacher is certified to teach the Quran according to Hafs ‘An ‘Aasim and it will be in the Ash-Shaatibiyyah style. There are male and female teachers available.

Students who obtain an Ijaazah are able to recite the Quran in exactly the way it was intended. Online Quran classes are increasing in popularity because of their convenience and cost effectiveness. Reading Quran therefore comes within reach of people who are passionate about learning it. More information visit this site:

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