Roderick D. Jones Foundation Scholarship Winners Set to Perform at Central Avenue Jazz Festival 2014


Select scholarship winners of the Roderick D. Jones Foundation are set to perform at the upcoming Central Avenue Jazz Festival 2014 on the 26th and 27th.  

Three of the scholarship winners from 2012 and 2013 will perform as featured artists, including Darynn Dean, Christopher Astoquillca, and Mekala Session. Other performers from the RDJ Foundation will include  Michael Placencia, Gina Ramirez, and Nicolas Earley.

Cornelius Mims will be appearing and performing live on Saturday the 26th with Christopher Astoquillca in his performances.

In a nut shell, it makes me extremely proud to witness and participate in the furthering of these young careers and it is a great look for the Roderick D. Jones Foundation. This is what we are all about,”says Cornelius Mims, Program Director of the RDJ Foundation.

 The Roderick D. Jones Foundation’s “soul” purpose is to preserve and continue the vision of Roderick Darryl Jones, a lifelong Gardena, CA native and community leader by every year finding musically talented youth who have distinguished themselves from amongst their peers both artistically and academically.

As a leader in the area of youth empowerment, he took it upon himself to inspire youth through sports, education and music. The Foundation is founded by Sandra Jones, Esq. with Cornelius Mims serving as Program Director.

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