How To Lucid Dream-What is Lucid Dreaming

Recently How To Lucid Dream has created the thier brand new blog. On our blog we talk about many various topics which I will get into in a little bit. We do our best to find topics to talk about that will help the average person in learning to lucid dream. We also give out various and random tips at time as well. 
Ealier I said at my blog, we talk about topics that should help and inform dreamers about lucid dreaming and other topics that are related. Examples of these posts are "Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?" In this post i address the issue some people belive, in that is controling your dreams actually dangerous? In another post "Melatonin for Sleep" I talk about what melatonin is and how it is directly involved in lucid dreaming.   If you want to contact me you can message me here.

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