Now lets see , what is MOOC and how it works ?

MOOC  are type of course which can be taken by various people around the world at the same time , they mostly don't have any limit in number of students . Since it inception all major universities have shown great interest in MOOC and many universities have collaborated with other course providers to offer MOOC . 

Now the present data states the currently 1.5 million people have registered for various MOOC across various universities and free online course providers .

Now lets see how MOOC changed the fate of distance education ?

Before MOOC if you would like to study a course from an institution without going to collage , then the only option would be distance education . After the introduction of MOOC the importance of distance education have changes a lot . There are plenty of course provoiders who offer free online courses with certificates .

Lets see few points , why MOOC is better than formal distance education ?

- Formal distance education or learning are not completely free you have to pay for that , but when it comes to MOOC you don't need to pay anything they are completely free . In MOOC if you successfully complete the course you will get a certificate of completion , you need to pay only if you need a verified certificate . 

- Formal collage or university distance education has some restrictions (i.e) if you need to take a course enroll for a particular course you must have a prior degree in that particular field or else you are not eligible for that course . But in MOOC most of the courses ( except a few ) don't have any restriction , anybody interested can enroll in it. 

- If you are not interested in MOOC you can withdraw from the course anytime as you wish , as there is no fee involved you are not gonna loose anything . But in distance learning the fees paid by you is lost . 

With so many advantages , MOOC have become a clear winner . So its gaining popularity . 

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