igsaw puzzles help your child build the skills to read, write, solve problems, coordinate their thoughts and actions. You may help child begin to recognize trees animals building and solve problems together. Also they can work on jigsaw puzzles by themselves, without your help or other children. They can work together on large puzzles and practice compromising and getting along. So jigsaw puzzles are a good investment because they can play many times. How to choose to a right jigsaw puzzle? For example, two years old children like putting in pieces and taking them back out as much as they enjoy fitting them into the right spot. So four-six pieces puzzle are good for them. Four-year-olds, will enjoy floor jigsaw puzzle with familiar picture. They can handle 12-18 pieces puzzle.They will enjoy more complex jigsaw puzzles of 100–200 pieces when children reach school age. ALL family members play together to challenge more pieces even 3D jigsaw puzzle.   Parents, if you are spending time with your child when they are young. They will want to spend time with you when they are older. Other basic suggesting: 1.Take a 30 minute walk together. 2.Join a charity. 3.Support your child's hobby. 4.Play a new or old game. 5.Eat dinner together. Further suggesting: 1. Take an extra minute to sit down with your kids at breakfast, asking what each one is looking forward to today. 2. Turn off your phone and music when your child gets in the car with you at the end of the day, and listen to her most and least favorite parts of the day. 3.At dinner, ask an interesting question and give each child time to answer while everyone listens. 4.Enjoy reading the bedtime story. Savor the smell of your child's hair and the warmth of her body. Send her off to sleep with a sense that all is right in her world. copyright from http://www.jmproduct.com
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