EKG Technician – A Rapidly Evolving Career

EKG is one of the rapidly evolving careers in the field of medicine. To become an EKG technician one must first complete an associate's degree, which is usually two years long.  After that, you must complete a training course. 

EKG Technician Job Description

An EKG Tech is the person who administers cardiovascular tests on patients by using the electrical impulses that transmitted by a patient’s heart. A basic EKG test involves the technician putting electrodes on different parts of a patient’s body, such as the chest, arms and legs to obtain a print out for a physician to read in order to analyze and diagnose issues such as an irregular heartbeat.

If you seek advanced EKG technician training, you can perform advanced testing such as stress testing. These tests involve monitoring a patient for an extended period of 24 hours or greater with a portable EKG monitor. A patient will wear this monitor, usually attached to their belt, along with traditional electrodes attached to their chest. After the testing, a physician reads the information to diagnose cardiovascular problems.

EKG Technician Salary

As in any professional career field, there are variables that come into play when considering the average annual salary for that job. The same is true with EKG technician salaries. Some of these variables include schooling, experience, demand and location.

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