Dr James P Comer\'s Making A Difference With President Obama

UPI Education Board Members give kudos to President Obama for the appointment of one of their Distinguished Board of Advisors Dr. James Comer, to the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African-Americans. 

Mr. Frank Crump, Founder, Unified Progress International (UPI) Education and Mr. Fred Stickney, Former Chairman, YMCA, San Francisco and Founder of the renowned, YMCA “Latch Key Kids” program both gave kudos to President Obama for the appointment of Dr. James Comer, to thePresident’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African-Americans. Dr. Comer is the Falk Professor of Child Psychiatry at the Yale University Child Study Center.

Speaking to a group of community activist, Crump said “I have known Dr. Comer for more than 30 years and we have had numerous conversations, regarding the plight of African-Americans and the need for a national educational and economic agenda that demonstrably supports not only African-American youth but all students and families.”

According to Stickney “Our society is paying a huge price given what has been a lack of substantial financial commitment and expert advice in support of identifying and engaging proven programs, which promote excellence, in-spite of dilapidated school districts and underperforming schools. Dr. Comer is a brilliant man and I believe the time has come to fully support his ideas regarding the importance of focusing on the social and emotional development of children and their relationship to family and community; as opposed to focusing on math and reading”.

Crump agreed with Stickney and stated, “STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are certainly important ingredients to our nations academic and international competitiveness however the early-age social and emotional development i.e. Life Skills of an individual or student is tantamount to their ability to best understand, navigate and succeed not only at STEM but at living life as positive contributors to society. A personal understanding of life skills is equally important for the many adults who are currently seeking employment and re-training opportunities.  The formation of a formidable, well-rounded, educated society has always served as the basis of ingenuity, and the springboard of nation building. President Obama’s Commission and the appointment of Dr. Comer as a member is a step in the right direction”.   


Dr. Comer and Mr. Stickney are distinguished members of the UPI Education board of advisors.

About UPI Education:  UPI is a nonprofit, 501(c) 3 organization dedicated in providing a global educational Life Skills Solutions™ training program for schools and communities. UPI partners with educational bodies, government agencies / services, youth organizations, foundations and community stakeholders who are committed to improving academic and personal excellence in the lives of students/youth ages 10-22. UPI exists to increase the pipeline of high school graduates, enrollment, and college graduation rates among students from low-income communities, thereby closing the achievement gap for students who are under-represented in higher education. For more information visit: http://www.upieducation.org   Follow UPI Education on Facebookhttp://fb.com/upieducation

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