Somalwar Academy of Professional Studies conduct the classes for 10th std and 12th std student , including State Board- English HL/LL medium for 10th std and for 12th students (State Board- Science stream). Somalwar pattern of Education is very well known for its meritorious achievement all over Maharashtra. It has backed numerous learners to attain extraordinary arrangement of achievement in SSC Examination & resulting profession way. Our view of benefiting all 10th Standard and 12th Standard student in Vidarbha with its premium educational practices. We meticulously covers all the subjects under one roof and is delivered by expert teachers who have vast experience of Board Examinations. Somalwar Academy of Professional Studies conduct the 10th std classes.Students moving from standard 9th to 10th should be join with us.We prepare Complete Syllabus of SSC examination.Our acadamy gives merit student in every year.It has supported many students to achieve great deal of success in SSC Examination & subsequent career path. SAPS organizes Fast Track Coaching Program for SSC Exam HSSC examination is a standout amongst the most essential exams in students's profession way. A decent score in this exam helps up learner's certainty level. Also, as of late there have been major changes in the example of designing and therapeutic passage test and that has multiplied the essentialness of HSSC Exam score. SAPS with its master showing organization has composed thorough, result arranged honing system for this critical exam. The Integrated Std 11th & 12th Boards – JEE Main & AIPMT Integrated course helps the student to perform better for it is directly based on HSC syllabus.As well as officiating Two Practice Tests for SSC & HSSC examinations along with Interaction Programs for all subjects which belons Students appearing for SSC (English HL/LL Medium) and Students appearing for HSSC (Science stream). Generally arranged practice prompts guaranteed accomplishment in any examination. False tests are the best device to evaluate arrangement towards any exam. SAPS with its limitless inquiry bank made focused around rich knowledge of 100 years, composes Immaculate Test Arrangement for SSC and HSSC examinations. These Tests are sponsored by interesting cooperation programs for all subjects that guarantee auspicious illuminations of all questions/inquiries. For students appearing for SSC &HSC Board Exams;SAPS Classes provides the MOST IDEAL coaching platform built on the Knowledge, Teaching Passion and Principles of the founder Genius Prof; a legacy of passion for result oriented teaching. Built on the values, Teaching Passion and Principles of Prof SAPS; Somalwar Academy of Professional Studies (SAPS) is a Professionally Managed yet very Passionately driven coaching class for SSC & HSC Board Exams, as well as Engineering & Medical Entrance Exams like JEE Main, AIPMT and MH-CET.We very well realize that the RESULTS of these examinations for every parent and students is not just career defining; what your SON or DAUGHTER becomes is highly dependent on these Results. Every student dreams and works very hard to score the highest possible in these examinations and Fulfill their parent’s dream. Success in these exams brings great Honour and sense of Fulfillment to parents. Every parents want to see their child SUCCESSFUL and we all know it all begins with these examinations. For more information, visit:
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