Aesop’s “The North Wind and The Sun” now available as an animated app!

Look for over 100 unique hidden animations by tapping all over the screen! Especially the "Traveller" has so many tricks when tapped! From Aesop, "The North Wind and the Sun".
April 7, 2014, Do you remember hearing ‘The North Wind and The Sun’ for the first time as a child? Aesop’s immortal fable with the lifelong moral about how persuasion is better than force has delighted and thrilled countless children, adults and grandparents for nearly 2000 years but you have never seen it like this!
The North Wind and The Sun is now available as an awesome free app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Developed by MOONBEAMS CineArts and Science Inc, It can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes store.
The app is a beautiful animated picture book and can be enjoyed time after time as the young readers look for over 100 hidden animations within the app! Tap once or several times and you’ll find fun animations in places you least expect! There are new surprises to find each and every time you read.
MOONBEAMS CEO Kohei Endo said: “The concept of looking for a hidden something is one that all children love and why we developed the app. Our vision is to brighten children’s hearts all over the world! When we released The North Wind and The Sun app in Japan last year it was one of the most popular apps on the market reaching 5th in the top kids app category. It is now available in English for free and we hope English speaking children will love it as much as their Japanese cousins did!”
Notes to Editors
The North Wind and The Sun App was created by MOONBEAMS CineArts & Science Inc. For more information on this and all their other great apps contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit
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