Edu Niche Gives Students a Chance to Enhance Learning with One-On-One Tutoring by Certified Tutors Online

Final phase to be held in May 2014 at Dubai Police Officers Club

Update to learning profiles to help users adapt to dynamic changes in technology & customize their learning 

Discussions are part of preparations for the largest event aimed at developing school sports activities

With the catch phrase "It's all about you", Your Training Solutions have mentored and trained many IT and professional students in a way never done before.

Around 35,000 students to learn about 2,500 featured programs offered by around 350 global academic institutions 

Board of Governors affirmed their commitment and support in complying with CAA’s set standards and regulations
The World's first drowsy driving educational App that tells you what you should do to stay alive and get home safely if you become drowsy while driving.

UPI Education Board Members give kudos to President Obama for the appointment of one of their Distinguished Board of Advisors Dr. James Comer, to the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African-Americans. 

350 global academic institutions to exhibit over 2,500 academic, vocational and training programs

Students worry a lot as they are not sure at times that what they will do if their supervisors will want their work revised.
The demand to learn Tajweed and the other tenets of the Holy book seems to be a lot among the younger lot too. The rest of things will automatically fall into place if you are determined enough to learn.
Sax School is an online saxophone tutorial with step-by-step video lessons that are easy to learn and practice by following instructions on the screen. The instructor is Nigel McGill, who is a professional saxophone player.
CM Group, a global leader in the field of innovative learning solutions comprising interactive eLearning and mobile learning, today announced that learndirect, the largest online learning provider of skills and qualifications in the UK, has adopted CM Group’s Luminosity Studio for the creation of its large scale eLearning programmes.
Females are more employable than males and more than 50% of the employable pool is invisible to recruiters.Education system promotes rote learning rather than actual application. The primary reason to pursue hospitality career is the opportunity to go abroad.
Provides the most important grammar rules needed to obtain a high SAT score in the Writing section of the test. 
UK dissertation is charmed to declare that we are currently offering a discount on all dissertation proposal requests.

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