Wonderful Activities Preview of the 12th HOSFAIR Guangzhou on June 26-28


China Guangzhou Cocktail Festival

It is organized by Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Company and Hong Kong Bartenders Association. Program of activity include: Cocktail Master Class, Champion Flair Show, Mixologist Show and Awarded Cocktail Tasting, there are kinds of wine from different countries for tasting, what’s more, one can listen to the thumb of wine while tasting.

2014 the Coffee Cup Competition

The activity is organized by CREMA Coffee training institutions and Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Company. Cupping is an effective way to detect quality of coffee, cupping competition can leads barista to distinguish different coffee within limited time. Coffee cup competition will base on International rules and aims to cultivate comprehensive barista, which is good to spread the culture of coffee and to offer a large stage for customers all over the world.

Hotel textile washing maintenance knowledge lecture

Quality of hotel textile and technology are very important to hotel and restaurant, it deeply influences the operating. This time CREMA Coffee training institutions and Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Company will together bring a lecture for visitors about how to wash, maintenance hotel textile.

The 5th China (Guangzhou) Stone Maintenance Forum & 2011 Stone Maintenance Contest Awards

The activity is organized by Guangdong Stone Material Association and Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Company. The content include: 2014 the 8th Stone professional qualification training class, the 8th stone professional qualification training graduation ceremony, the 5ht Stone conservation level of qualification evaluation conference, new technology and products conference. It wil be a grand ceremony of stone industries.

China hotel procurement & communication conference

The activity is organized by www.jdypgxw.com and Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Company. It will attract professional visitors from hotel industries. There are conference at scene for purchasers and exhibitors to discuss.

The 9th China Style, Charming Guangdong--Chen Chongle Photography Show

The show is organized by China Information News and Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Company.

Unique material selecting and beautiful scenery that recoed the glory of south China.

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