The field of Rural Advertising has undergone tremendous progress in the past few years. This progress has brought about many innovative mediums that allow brands to extend their reach beyond the boundaries of cities. One such innovative medium is advertising through audio advertisements promoting brands at bus stands using a Digital Radio System. The concept of this medium targets the many travelers who depend on ST buses for daily commuting. Audio ads are played at regular intervals of the day targeting between 40,000-60,000 travelers every day.   Vritti i Media is the pioneer of this concept and has helped many brands successfully extend their reach through this medium. To measure the effectiveness of this Medium Vritti i Media approached AC Nielsen to do a detailed study measuring the effectively of this medium against other existing mediums at respective locations. Reports prove that 98% of the passengers present at the bus stands could recall this medium and also recall most brands having advertisements through this medium. This has proven that Rural Advertising through bus announcement systems is effective and works wonderfully in extending brands reach thereby causing overall success of the brand.   Send us a request for a special preview of the report.
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