is pleased to announce they are opening a new location in Orlando, Florida, their largest physical location to date. This store will be located right off I-4 in Altamonte, giving Orlando residents and visitors quick and easy access to the e-cig products they need. is proud to be one of the largest retailers offering e-cigs, refills and accessories, giving smokers safer ways to manage their cravings without impacting those around them. With many places banning smoking inside, it has become more difficult for smokers to enjoy many of the activities they once did. E-cigs are an excellent alternative to give them the nicotine they crave without adding second hand smoke to the air. At, they provide all the products individuals need to make the change to this type of smoking instead.
While the new location is not yet open, the opening day is rapidly approaching, giving residents and visitors access to one of the largest selections in a physical store. This store will offer all the products anyone needs, whether they are making the initial transition or they have been using e-cigarettes for a period of time.
Anyone who would like more information on the new store can find out more by visiting the website or by calling 1-407-878-7397.
About is an online and physical retailer of e-cigarettes, refills and other accessories. Their company takes great pride in offering their customers everything they need to make the transition from traditional cigarettes. This gives smokers a safer alternative to getting the nicotine they crave, accompanied by a variety of delicious flavors.

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Contact No :407-878-7397
Address:    3617 S. Orlando Dr., Sanford, FL 32773.
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