The performance of the LED high bay lights greatly beyond the traditional high bay lights

At the beginning of this year, the China LED High Bay Light manufacturer has been successful won large quantity of orders from their clients all over the world. China - At the beginning of this year, the China LED High Bay Light manufacturer has been successful won large quantity of orders from their clients all over the world. However, this is mainly because the changing of people¡¯s mind to LED products. Now, if consumers want to have penetrated understand about the LED high bays, please carefully read this article which written by the lovely editor of the former website.

The led high bay lights , which is also called LED mining lamp, should be the newly trend of urban and industrial lighting. As all of people know, the traditional mining lamp often used 250W and 400W metal halide lamps, which have the disadvantages of huge waste of energy. With the increasing popularity of environmentally friendly concept, the new high efficiency, energy saving, long life, high color rendering index and environmentally LED high bays will show with people their strong point for industrial energy-saving. That should be one crucial reason why the products from lightledhighbay could be widely welcomed by all of their consumers. However, there are also many excellent features of their products.

First, the body of led high bay of applies the high strength die-cast aluminum and the surface will be processed by the electrostatic spray and anti-aging treatment. So, this LED product has high performance of self-cleaning and anti- corrosive.

Second, their products use the high quality LED cores and other main components, which could largely maintain the high stability and the service life of this product could be up to 25,000 to 50,000 hours, 10 times more than traditional lighting products. It is the real high cost-effective products.

Thirdly, the LED high bay lights from lightledhighbay occupy the features of green pollution-free, cold light source design without any thermal radiation. On the other hand, the light original from their lighting products could not do any harm to people¡¯s eyes. It does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements. So, it already achieves the true sense of the green lighting products.

Fourth, the application of humanized design let the installation and maintenance of this LED high bays become very easy and it could meet with the demand for a variety of occasions.

Fifth, this LED lighting products has good colorful capability and high lighting stability which could let the the physical color has more real reflection. Furthermore, the color temperature of the LED high bay lights is adjustable that could be in line with the needs of different environments.

However, the decorative effect of the LED high bay lighting products from is very excellent. The surface of it had been processed by some special treatment workmanships and the installation and disassembly of this product is also very simple.

It is indeed that all of above advantages for LED high bay lights has promoted the success of the business of If people have related interesting about their products, please contact them by the following information.


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