The Current Gas Prices on Long Island and How Long Island Residents Can Win Free Gas

Individuals who live in Long Island, New York and drive an automobile need to know about the gas stations with the most affordable gas.

Long Island, New York, August 26, 2014- It’s no secret – people in New York pay above average at the pump. Individuals who wish to drive their own vehicle, regardless of the type of vehicle they drive, even if it is battery powered or flex fuel, they will eventually, at some point, have to stop to refuel. Putting gas in the vehicle in Long Island isn’t hard to do, because there is a gas station on almost every corner. In all actuality, it’s hard to find an area of Long Island where there isn’t a gas pump around. In this day and age, people are trying everything they can in order to save money – if gas is a concern. Each week you can have a chance to win a gas card by entering your email on

With or without a gas card, individuals should do their research and find the best place for gas. Here is a list of the current gas prices.

Starting at $3.09/gallon
As of right now, Seneca Hawk, located on 11979 Southwestern Blvd & NY-438 is offering the lowest price. This would be a good store to use a free gas card at.

Starting at $3.14/gallon
Second in line, there’s Catt-Rez Enterprises, Inc located at 10910 Erie RD & Lakeshore Rd.

Starting at $3.16/gallon
Next, there’s First American Tobacco. They are located on 11404 Erie Rd & Milestrip Rd.

Starting at $3.16/gallon

Native Pride is fourth on our list. They are located at 11359 Southwestern Blvd & Milesrip Rd.
Places such as Citgo, Shell, Gulf, Mobil and BP currently have the highest gas prices in Long Island, New York. The prices currently range anywhere from $4.35/gallon to $4.69/gallon. Even with the chance to win a free gas card, you should try to go with the stations that are offering the cheapest prices.

Don’t forget that each week, you can have a chance to win a gas card by entering your email on

About is the place to go for a chance to win free gas. In order to enter the drawing, simply enter the email address in each week. The winner is chosen every Friday and will be contacted via email.

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