The Bad Back Company Comments on latest research from latest British Chiropractic Association

The Bad Back Company’s director and practising osteopath, Tim Everett, has commented on research from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) which suggests that women’s health is suffering for the sake of fashion.

recent consumer research study from the BCA has found that 73% of women have suffered with back pain - and the organisation has reason to believe that their wardrobe could be a major cause of their discomfort.

Over 28% of women stated that they were aware of the effects that clothing and accessories, like heavy bags or necklaces, had on their back, neck and posture. However, they were not influenced enough by the pain to make changes to their choices of clothing.

One third of women were also completely unaware that their clothes could have a serious impact on their back and neck health.

Tim Everett, Managing Director of The Bad Back Company, has provided his thoughts on this shocking news.

“As a practicing osteopath, I will often have to advise female patients about how to reduce the risk of injury and pain, particularly in relation to shoe and handbag choice.”

“The top five clothing culprits said to cause neck and back pain and posture distortion included oversized bags, coats with large hoods, high heeled shoes and backless shoes.”

“The survey results also pointed towards another fashion culprit - skinny jeans,” he adds.

“As osteopaths we are looking at the impact that our lifestyles have on the whole body. Both high heels and tight jeans very often reduce natural movement of the knees and hips. This may go on to affect the muscles and joints of the back due to the reduced range of motion.”

Tim backs the top tips that the BCA have discussed in their article, which also goes on to provide advice on how to stay stylish and remain back pain free.

These tips include wearing looser fitting clothes to help keep the body moving freely, wearing shoes with a lower heel to counteract any damage from excessive heel use, and to swap heavy bags for smaller, over the shoulder bags.

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