Standard-Compliant Safety & Security Window Films from Tint Works

Tint Works, Australia’s window tinting one-stop shop, improves its product roster with safety and security window films. Customers can now have peace of mind due to the increased safety, be it for residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

[WA, May.29.2014] – Tint Works, the ultimate store for window tinting in Australia, bolsters its product line with standard-compliant safety and security window films. With this improvement in the lineup, customers can now enjoy safer residential, commercial, and industrial environments – regardless of the activity frequently done in the area.

Standard-compliant product

The window films from Tint Works comply with the standards set by law. In accordance with Australian Standards 2208 and 1170, the company ensures that every roll of film that comes from the company follows these strict standards. As a result, Tint Works exerts the effort to closely monitor the whole process from the film’s raw materials to its delivery.

The 100 micron film follows the AS/NZS 2208 or the standard that focuses on safety glazing materials in the building. For heavier use of the glazing, Tint Works’ 175 micron film, or the thicker one, is perfect for cyclone-prone locations, as this product has passed the standards of AS 1170 part cyclone impact test 2001.

Trusted layer of protection

Tint Works carries Safety Zone safety and security films, a brand with an excellent reputation across Australia. The film ensures that the splinters and shards of glass would not shatter even after a blow from heavy pressure or blunt force.

Through the use of layered polyester film, Tint Works creates stratums of durable material laminated together through different methods of construction. The manufacturer coats one side with highly potent adhesive materials to hold the interior surface of the glass very well. On the other hand, scratch-resistant coating protects the exterior side of the film.

Over the years, Tint Works has proven its safety and security films worthy of its excellent reputation. With embassies and other institutions like the parliament house in Canberra featuring the same range of products that Tint Works offers, customers can be sure of the first-rate quality of these films.

About Tint Works

Tint Works is the premier source of window tinting solutions in Australia. Be it for residential, commercial, and automotive purposes, the company ensures A-grade quality in every product. Apart from durability, Tint Works also makes sure that its products are energy-efficient.

Those who want to know more about the company may learn more at

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