Dark Skins for Apple TVHave you been using the Apple TV media player for some period of time now? If yes, then in all probability it is showing signs of use. In which case, the time is right for you to give it a cool Apple TV skin wrap.

slickwraps.com - a premier website retailing skins for cell phone, iPads etc. has now introduced beautiful skins for your Apple TV media player. Currently introduced in 5 categories i.e. carbon, metal, color, glow-in-the-dark and the wood series; each has a range of colors and designs to offer. For example, the "Carbon" range of Apple TV wraps come in 10 different colors including Black, blue, green, red, pink, gun metal grey, orange, silver, white and purple.

Similarly, the "Glow" series has 5 different colors including green, blue, orange, Apple and Purple. Our favorite amongst these is the Apple green - goes perfect with the Apple TV media player. Some of our staff however prefers the Carbon series because delivers the extreme high-tech looks, comfort in handling and protection for your Apple TV media device.

But let's not prevent you from picking up something you like - after all, what is a Apple TV skin if not about individuality? For instance, check out the metal series of ps3 controller skins and wraps for your Apple TV - there are five flavors to chose from in this category; brushed steel, brushed gold, brushed onyx and brushed copper. You will probably find that these go well on your table decor or if your table is made of wood, you could also check out the wood series of skin wraps for your Apple TV. There's the Ebony, gold flake, maple, zebra wood and teak wood - choose the one that best matches your table.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something funkier, try the color series. There's a color for every mood ranging from blue, black, red, purple, grey, white, green, yellow and orange. Buy all and pick a color that matches your mood. An Apple TV media player that matches your mood - you cannot get more individualistic than this!

The all time party favorites are of course the Glow in the dark series are available in green apple, blue apple, orange apple, yellow apple and purple apple flavors. Most of our customers buy one of each. Feel like a new color? Just change to whatever color takes your fancy.

All said though, skin wraps are not just about colors and moods they are about protection - protecting your favorite equipment from spills and accidental drops.

So go right ahead and get yourself a cool glow in the dark skin for your Nokia Lumia Skins.

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