screeningONE Has the Answer to the $3,479 Question

Tampa, FL ( release-news ) February 21, 2013 - How much does it cost your company to recruit, screen and select a new employee? According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal*, it costs you on average, $3,479 per hire. That's an astonishing number, and one that businesses are realizing is unsustainable.

Enter the era of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), a software system that accepts & scans resumes and applications for pertinent information, then organizes them according to a company's customized and preset parameters, based on its needs. Starbucks alone received 7.6 million applications between 2011 and 2012 for 65,000 job openings. That's over eleven hundred applications per job! These statistics are consistent with many businesses, large and small.

But not all ATS are created equal. Many versions of ATS are unable to easily integrate into a businesses' current system, have high implementation and start-up costs, and involve overly complex processes that are time consuming to learn.

screeningONE Presents a New, Practical Approach. "With our unique applicantONE system, we have always made it our mission to solve our clients' cost and time pressures by streamlining and simplifying the whole process", says Matthew Briggs, CEO of screeningONE.

Mr. Briggs explains that applicantONE was designed to offer an innovative configuration process, which lowers start-up costs & time to implement. By seamlessly integrating their unique background screening and drug testing solution, consolidation to a single sign on is achieved. And, by offering unlimited user licenses, there are no restrictions on how many hiring managers or key individuals can be involved in the process.

It seems there's a simple answer to how businesses can reduce the costs, time and organization involved in recruiting and hiring new employees. Use the one ATS process that can do it all for you : applicantONE by screeningONE.

About screeningOne:

screeningONE is a leading provider of innovative solutions for Human Resources Professionals. screeningONE began as a pre-employment screening provider, and over the years has broadened its offerings to include drug testing and tenant screening services. By developing best-in-class products supported by our superior customer service teams, screeningONE continues to be an innovator in the marketplace. screeningONE is a partner who is committed to providing customized solutions to best fulfill a company's needs and make HR's job easier.

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