SAFAR Center Launches Sawali Goushala for Cow Protection in India

May 24, 2014 – Raigad, Maharashtra (India)- SAFAR (Sawali's Animal First Aid and Rehabilitation) center was launched successfully last month. Click here to know more about launching of SAFAR Center for injured animals and cow protection. Now, after the great success of SAFAR center for injured animals; SAFAR center started its new division named Sawali Goushala. Keeping in mind the current conditions of cows in India, SAFAR implements its idea to launch Sawali Goushala, specialized in cow protection in India. Sawali Goushala is a main center for cow protection in India as well as a division of SAFAR center for injured animals and cow protection. According to Sawali Goushala, “Our main goal is to save Indian cows and promote Indian breed cows, Bulls and Ox. We also motivate people to save cow milk.” To achieve this goal, Sawali Goushala has prepared some guidelines for providing safe and healthy environment for Indian cows. According to a volunteer, “Sawali Goushala protects cows and provide shelter as well as explains the importance of cow milk to the local villagers. To achieve the goal Sawali Goushala neither sell cows nor their milk, instead allocate the cow to villagers so that they can earn their livelihood as well.” According to SAFAR center, “The idea to launch Sawali Goushala came after analyze the piteous conditions of cows in India. They wander here and there in very helpless condition. People also don't care about it and cows suffer in very bad conditions. So, we thought to adopt them and provide a shelter to these cows, finally we launched our division named Sawali Goushala in Mahad- Raigad and its main aim to protect Indian breed cows, Bulls, Ox and utilization of cow milk. The idea to launch Sawali Goushala is becoming successful and we have provided shelter to 47 Indian breeding cows, Bulls and Ox, which is a great achievement for us.” Sawali Goushala works on the concept of “Bhartiya Gou Vansh Vadh Va Sanvardhan” which is created to save Indian cow breed and improving the gene pool. Sawali Goushala also provide cows to local villagers after signing an agreement, if any guideline is violated by them or if he does not fulfill his commitment then, villager has to pay penalty. Only milk producing cows are provided on a lease. Villagers can sell the cow milk at very affordable rates and can earn money. Sawali Goushala also provide Bulls and Ox to farmers for free of charge during the farming season, so that farmers manage the cost. For more information please visit Sawali Goushala. About Sawali Goushala: Sawali Goushala is a specialized division for cow protection in India and utilize of cow milk. It is launched by SAFAR Center for injured animals and cow protection; in Mahad-Raigad. The main goal of Sawali Goushala is to protect Indian cow breed and their milk as well as to improve the gene pool of Indian cow breed. SAFAR Center for cow protection is a part of Sawali Samajik Sanstha, it is an NGO in Raigad, registered under Charity commissioner. The work area of Swali Goushala and SAFAR center for injured animals and cow protection is Raigad district in Pune, Maharashtra. Sawali Goushala welcomes your suggestions and interests, you can also become a member of Sawali Goushala and perform Gou Sewa.

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