RV Parks Rush is On the Rise in Florida!

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Orlando, Fl, April 5, 2014 – A Campgrounds and RV park research conducted across USA has revealed that compared to season 2012-13, there has been a sharp increase in the bookings for RV parks in Florida for the season 2013-14. Industry experts are attributing this spike in RV parks rush to improvement in economic slowdown which had hit US around 2007.

RV parks in Florida are usually located around lakes, Beaches, ridges, forests or any other place of interest like monuments, UFO sighting sites etc.

People prefer RV parks over traditional resort bookings because RV parking is much cheaper, closer to nature and gives you far more independence to “do your stuff” compared to tourist hotels and resorts. When spoken to a RV park camper on the issue, he explained “My kids wanted adventure and my wife and I love raw nature. So going to a resort or a tourist hotel was just not clicking with any of us and we all chose RV Park at the first mention”.

RV parks in Florida provide a lot of facilities to their campers for a hassle free and memorable holiday. These services include AC connections, Satellite TV, Wi-Fi internet, Bathhouses, Laundry, Convenience stores, swimming pools, Bars restaurants etc. “I hope next time they will be having a Casino too!” joked a enthusiastic visitor.

RV parks are a $5 Billion industry in USA at present and growing at a 3% annual rate. RV parks in Florida outnumber any other state in US ( 19.3% market share) for the obvious reason that Florida has most stable tropical climate in US and it has some of the most beautiful locales out in the nature.

There are strict guidelines that RV park owners need to adhere to as far as number of RVs, spacing of RVs, sewage treatment and disposable system and provision of basic amenities are concerned. Owner of one of the RV parks in Florida asserted “We are getting better with each year and adding newer facilities and attractions. We know our USP is minimum interference and maximum nature and we plan to give every visitor their own personal Garden of Eden!”

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