May 8, 2014, Singapore – Crowdfunding in the Hong Kong and the South East Asian market is slated to grow. There are several Crowdfunding opportunities available for global investors. CoAssets has come up with real time Crowdfunding knowledge which keeps the global investors updated on the property investments.

CoAssets owner was quick and confident enough to say, “People consider us to be the funders or any kind of fund raining agency to serve interests of global property investors. The reality is that we are not either of them. We provide the information on global Crowdfunding, and this has always been our motive. Our information helps our prospective clients.”

CoAssets help the real estate property developers to gain access to funders who have the ability for collective financing between S$1million and S$5million. The Crowdfunding website also provides a potent interface to show up their deals.


Sandra – I was searching for the Hong Kong Crowdfunding opportunities, and this brought me close to CoAssets. They helped me in the manner nobody else ever did. I was able to make a quick and firm decision on the basis of guidance I received. I knew Hong Kong is a great place for Crowdfunding opportunities. However, I was missing the right track. CoAssets helped me to find out the right track without their expert advice. I am happy the way I have started with an investment property business in Hong Kong. How can I forget to remain thankful to Co Assets? At least, I can say this much – God bless thy souls.

About CoAssets

CoAssets is a leading Co Assets is where the global property investors meet the global developers. It is the niche place for individuals who want reliable insight into Crowdfunding opportunities in the Malaysia, Hong Kong etc. It is not a fund management company and has no direct or indirect role or association to collect funds as a third party resource. We do not collect any type of funds or engage in any kind of financing arrangement between either the opportunity providers (i.e. developers) or the funders. Whether you are searching for the Hong Kong property investment through the route of Crowdfunding, or you want to gain potent knowledge on Crowdfunding, Co Assets is there to help.

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