Pacific Sheet Metal installs custom aesthetically designed gutters to complement your homes roofing.

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Gutters on roofing while a necessity have traditionally been an eyesore on the home services, Pacific Sheet Metal is now building and installing beautiful architectural metal gutters that enhance the beauty of your home while protecting your investment.

Rain gutters are not often given much thought in terms of a home’s visual appeal, left mainly as a functional device. Resulting in poorly designed and sloppily installed gutters that detract from a home’s beauty.

But if the gutters are beautifully designed using attractive quality material and then professionally installed then the rain gutter systems not only blend into the visual aspect of a home but also can serve to add an additional design element and add to the beauty. In the process protecting your home or commercial building from watershed and with proper ice mitigation protecting it from ice dams. Rain gutters help protect a home or office from a myriad of water related problems, such as:

   Foundation damage (i.e. cracking, settling)

   Basement or crawlspace flooding

   Sidewalk and driveway pitting and/or staining

   Siding discoloration and rot

   Icy entries

   Landscape erosion

Whether your home need a classic 5” K-style gutter for traditional single family construction or 6” European copper half round for a mountain retreat we offer a wide variety of rain gutter options.

An annual gutter cleaning and inspection in Autumn is essential for every home. Dead leaves and the general debris that accumulate over the year can stop rain gutters from working altogether. Gutter cleanings are relatively inexpensive and are certainly less costly than trying to find and fix problems once your gutters are full of ice and snow, maintenance keeps them performing at peak capacity. If you live in or around Aspen trees or any other that disperse seeds, a semi-annual cleaning at the close of Spring will ensure that your gutters are ready for the summer rains.

In some situations rain gutters need to be coupled with heat tape to keep them clear and functioning during winter months. Heat tape should be inspected and repaired before winter sets in as working on heat tape once ice is in place is very difficult and can damage the roof. Heat tape also prevents gutters from becoming “ice loaded”; a condition that can cause buckling or failure. This is a common problem in Aspen where heavy snows are followed by sunny but cold days, this weather combination also contributes to the formation of ice dams.Ice dams form when melting snow freezes before it can clear the roof. When enough ice builds up, it literally forms a dam. Once a dam is formed water must go somewhere so it then finds its way through the seams in your roof and into the house, causing water to actually drain through your soffit or into your home, resulting in costly repairs.

Heat tape can be used on a roof to cut channels in ice dams allowing water to drain off the roof and into a gutter systemperforming as it should. Additional heat tape can then be used in the gutters and downspouts to ensure water makes it away from your home before refreezing.

Instead of heat tape an alternative is the use of a Roof Ice Melt or RIM system, cutting channels in ice dams a RIM system is designed to keep the entire roof edge free of ice and snow. It does this thru the use of a continuous thermally conductive metal panel. A RIM system is an attractive solution on east and north facing aspects where especially heavy ice loading occurs and/or where ascetics are placed at a premium.

Feel free to contact Pacific Sheet Metal for all your roofing needs, especially if you are looking for rain gutter systems that actually enhance the beauty of your home.

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