Outsmarting Fish Offers Customizable Reels

Outsmarting Fish offers anglers the opportunity to make their own customized reel to reflect their personality and fishing style. The company understands that fishing is a deeply personal experience and wants the gear to reflect the owner.

[US, June 3, 2014] - Outsmarting Fish, a group of fishing enthusiasts that try to fish as much as possible, offers customized reel to reflect the angler’s personality and fishing style. The company understands that fishing is a deeply personal experience and wants the gear to reflect its owner.

Custom Colored Reels

Outsmarting Fish is the first company to make Loop Opti and Loop Evotec reels available in custom colors. The company selects a color for each month and offers it at a special price. The orders for Color of the Month reels ships to customers on the 10th of the following month. For example, all color of the month orders from June 1st until June 30th will ship on July 10th.

Customers can order any color available at the time, allowing four to five weeks for delivery depending on the customer’s location. The company has limited quantities of custom reels in stock because of the high demand; there is no additional cost to the customization of the reel.

The company gives customers a voice on the selection of the next color of the month. Outsmarting Fish customers only need to send the company a message through the “Product Inquiry” tab on their website to vote for the color they want.

Evotec G4 Reel

One of the most popular products for customization is the Loop Evotec G4; the reel is the latest re-design of the series. The Evotec G4 is a powerhouse reel that is strong and smooth with a drag system whose consistent performance gives anglers confidence when a fish hits the fly.

The Loop Evotec reels have ergonomically, non-friction winding handle, preventing tangles in the line. The versatility of the reel only finds its match in the customization Outsmarting Fish can apply to it. The reel comes in three sizes: FW, LW, HD, allowing the reel to accommodate up to three different spool sizes.

About Outsmarting Fish

Outsmarting Fish is an online retail shop for fly fishing reels, rods, and spools. The store has been in operation since 2012 and is managed by a group of fly fishing enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge with fellow anglers. The company has expanded to include fishing apparel to help customers cope with the conditions of fly fishing in rivers.

To learn more about Outsmarting Fish, visit their website at www.shop.outsmartingfish.com.

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