Our Distribution Network

Search Engines

Search engines are the basis to most press release submission campaigns. At Release-News.com we ensure all news is submitted to major search engines. This gives the best exposure when users search. Often news is ranked high for even the most competitive search terms. Here are just some of the search engines we submit to. Here is a sample PDF location report of our Platinum package



Newspapers & Major News Sites

We send your press releases to all major online newspaper websites. For every niche there is a hungry audience of readers ready to pick your message up. Press releases get syndicated and featured on these news websites below. Here is just a small amount of many hundred news websites we send content to. 



TV & Radio News Sites

In the same way major news newspaper websites feature and search for new content, TV and radio websites also circulate recent news updates on their websites. We submit your content and get it featured on these top TV & radio news websites. Here are just some of the sites we submit to.



Industry News Sites

Industry news websites are just as important to get your news featured on. We send your news to these top trade and industry outlets. They offer a great way to reach your nich audience and gives your news the best possible exposure. Many of the names listed you will of already heard of. Here are just a few of the industry sites we submit to..



Regional & Local News Sites

Local news websites offer an important role to target specific areas and niches. Although most businesses go for the big national news outlets, local news sites are great for targeting businesses or people in specific areas. They also have decent reader bases. Here are just a few sites we submit to.



International News Sites

We send your news to global audiences on international news websites. Many businesses need to reach out to a worldwide market and we can cater for this. Below are some of the international news websites we distribute news to. Here are a selection of international sites we submit to.



Social Media Platforms                                                                                                                      

We include all popular social network integration. This allows easy sharing and distribution to all the busiest social networks. Having your news shared on these popular sites give extra exposure for your news. Here are just a few of the social networks we submit to.              



RSS News Feeds

Your news is sent to popular news related RSS feeds to ensure further distribution of your press release. RSS feeds are gathered by interested readers, who are ready to pick up all the latest news about a specific niche or interest. Here a selection of RSS feeds we submit to




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