SACRAMENTO, CA — You’ve heard how Bitcoin can take you to space or pay for pizza, but today a new milestone in Bitcoin is happening: Bitcoin can now take you to Amsterdam and Oktoberfest. California-based travel agency has announced it is expanding its service to allow bitcoin users to book trips with the cryptocurrency. has been accepting Bitcoin since early this year when it partnered with Bitpay to open up its tours to the Bitcoin crowd. specializes in world tours and local day trips that extend to Napa wine country and surrounding regions, as well as the Bay Area.

CEO and founder Grady O’Bryant voiced his enthusiasm for becoming one of the few Sacramento travel agencies to accept Bitcoin for wine tours and worldly excursions:

“Bitcoin has one of the most passionate communities I have ever seen. We’re thrilled to be putting together the first Bitcoin-themed world tour. This trip is for beer lover’s and Bitcoiners.”

The news garnered a largely positive reaction on Reddit and the BitcoinTalk forum when SacTrips announced the Bitcoin Beer Tour , a 12-day trip to Amsterdam and Oktoberfest that allows people to pay with Bitcoin to see Europe.

The response has been great

“Bitcoin does need to mature to become a bigger part of our business. More options mean more growth for the cryptocurrency, and I’m hopeful that the Bitcoin Beer Tour will encourage more travel companies to start taking Bitcoin more seriously.”

Since quietly launching the Bitcoin Beer Tour, O’Bryant has seen a great response from interested travellers. While not keen on sharing specific numbers, O’Bryant did say they have been receiving a steady stream of inquiries and phone calls regarding the trip, as well as, new members joining their Sacramento Meetup .

What is the Bitcoin Beer Tour?

The Bitcoin Beer Tour is a 12-day tour of Amsterdam and Oktoberfest that promises to take would-be travellers on a beer lover’s tour of Europe. Those who have booked the trip will be visiting pubs and breweries from Amsterdam, Munich, Belgium, Prague and Berlin. And of course, one final pit stop at Oktoberfest.

About is a Sacramento travel company that specializes in world tours and day trips throughout Northern California. Grady O’Bryant is the owner and tour operator, a veteran with the Air Force who took his passion for travel and turned it into a company. provides group travel tours in the U.S. and abroad.

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