NIV Bible app helps share meaningful experiences with family

A small app for reading on the go Bible, the most referred to book today has a mini version which is brought to readers through the NIV Bible app. This app is the most compact version of the book one can find today. It truly depicts the Bible reading experience and is also jam packed with other cool features that can make the experience come alive.

In addition to the fact that readers can start reading the Bible, the minute they have the NIV Bible installed on their app, those who are concerned about saving space on their computer and other portable devices have nothing to worry. This smart app does not take up a lot of space and is very handy. All the user needs to do is simply open it, type in on the search bar as to where he wants to go and in seconds, the relevant phrase or portion pops up.

It is a great app for those who want to stay in touch with their faith but, at the same time don’t want to carry a heavy book around.

About the NIV Bible app:

The New International Version Bible app is an app that makes content of the bible available to people who travel extensively or commute every day to work. The app comes with many enhanced features including the feature where users can share their notes with family and friends. The app is lightweight, does not come with any malware and is free for anyone to use.

It is by far the best investment one can make as far as comfort and convenience go. To know more about the features of this app, learn about the specs and to get it now on your smart phone or tablet, please log onto

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