Italy, 29th May 2014 - Fashions come and go but menswear tends to have a few longstanding favorites, one of which is the bow tie. It is not very often that one gets to see men wearing bow ties, but this is exactly where its appeal lies. Carefully selected mens bow tie can make the wearer look unique and stylish, getting him plenty of the right kind of attention. There are a few companies that specialize in selling designer bow ties and their collection is sure to make a convert of many a casual dresser.

LuckyLusyano is a world famous manufacturer and retailer of designer bow ties for boys and men. Based in Italy, this company has a devoted following amongst stylish males of all ages who cannot resist Italian dress sense. This company makes nothing but high quality handmade bow ties. One of the secrets behind its success is the company’s excellent design team that comes up with unique and humorous designs that stay fashionable no matter what the current trends are. The designs are rich in detail, making them immensely attractive to people with a lot of taste.

Another important factor that has led to this company’s success is the painstaking attention to detail with which each of the ties is made. The ties are also made of high quality materials so that they pass even the most discerning critic’s eye. They are also packed so exquisitely that each tie is received by customers with great enthusiasm. Interestingly, each tie also comes with a Velcro closure so that it is easy to put on without any other person’s assistance; most people are unwilling to wear bow ties on account of the hooks that are quite hard to reach.

Fashion enthusiasts and connoisseurs of bow ties know that Lucky Lusyano ties will help them look stylish and unusual for any situation and it is not uncommon for people to have large collections of them. Buyers can choose from three categories of ties: Classic, Unique and Luxury. The company sells them via the internet and customers can expect to get them within a very short time via DHL delivery to any part of the world. More Information visit my site: -

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