New Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages Book

One of the most popular classic fairy tales of all time is Beauty and the Beast. The story is so popular that it is told not only in books but in several movies as well. Through the years, several versions of the story have been created.

The fairy tale revolves around the life of a young lady named Beauty who chooses to see beauty beyond physical appearance. Beauty was forced to be with a beast who was cursed by a fairy because of his unruly character.

The story shows the transformation of the beast when he met Beauty. The beast learns what it means to truly love and appreciate the people and things around him. Their love frees him from the curse and their story ends in how every fairy tale should – with a happy ending.

Now your kids can relive the story all over again with Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages (Coloring Books for Kids) Volume 1 by Ironpower Publishing. The book contains the beautiful illustrations from the kindle ebook Beauty and the Beast (Fairy Tale for Kids – Illustrated) Volume 2.

The Beauty and the Beast coloring book for kids is an 80-page paperback that contains illustrations that are easy to color for children between 5 – 8 years old. It is also a storybook at the same time since each illustration comes in easy-to-read text, so your kids can enjoy the story while coloring.

Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages is now available at Amazon for $12.95. If you want to learn more about the book or to see the sample of the illustrations, you can also check the coloring books for kids’ video.

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