Shanghai - The customer service from , China most professional manufacturer and supplier for needle detector, always say that most of their consumers usually ask the problems about which factors they need to pay more attention in the operation process of this machine. In order to help most of consumers have deeply understanding about this, the editor of the website before will tell people some basically attentively points for the operation of needle detector machine.

Nowadays, the pharmaceutical metal detector machines are generally the jamming-type. Even if there are some magnetic devices next to this machine, these magnetic factors will not play a big impact with it so that each operator should not pay more attention to this problem. However, for every operator, this situation should be changed and operator should not wear any ferromagnetic items which will affect the operation of needle detector. The operator for this machine needs to pay more attention to this.

In addition, people cannot guarantee that every item through the needle detector are very clean and there may be some dirties residue. So, people need to care more about cleaning these residues and people need to use dry cloth to clean needle checking machine. Furthermore, the cleaning by wet cloth should be totally avoided because the moisture cloth will affect the accuracy and normal operation of this device.

Apart from the attentive points, such as the forbidden to magnetic objects and carefully cleaning, people should also know that the detector¡¯s starting should have enough warming up especially in winter. However, the enough tie of warming up is the fully guarantee for the normal or high performance operation of the needle detector machine. If people directly open this machine to detect objects without any sort of warming up, we sho9uld say that the detecting result will be inaccurately and this careless action will also bring unimaginable damage to the machine itself. That is to say, people have to wait for some time for warming up before their official detecting work. This should be the most directly way for them to ensure the safety of machine and the high performance detecting results.

The above three factors are the generally problems which consumers will often face with in the operation of their needle detector machine or other related machines such as food metal detector and cloth inspection machine. However, if people want to purchase the high quality needle detector with low price, please do not hesitate to contact with the customer service from website

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