Nature-enriched DermoViva Skin Cream offers expert protection from extreme weather conditions

Available in three different variants of Hydrate Plus Skin Cream, Fairness Glow Skin Cream, and Age Defying Skin Cream

Harsh environmental conditions tend to cause undue damage to women’s skin most especially during dry and hot season. Further compounding the problem is the harmful chemicals present in cosmetics today. Understanding the need for a product that offers maximum protection minus the harmful ingredients, DermoViva Skin Cream has been developed to address women’s various skin woes due to extreme weather condition. Many women have proven that the product’s wide range of nature-enriched creams keep the skin healthy, moisturize, and glowing. DermoViva Skin Cream is available in different variants, namely Hydrate Plus Skin Cream, Fairness Glow Skin Cream, and Age Defying Skin Cream.

Designed for Middle Eastern climate, Hydrate Plus Skin Cream provides intense hydration that is perfect for extra dry skin. Enriched with the combination of trusted herbal hydration boosting ingredients like aloe vera, honey, and almond, this head to toe hydrator is deep penetrating and it provides skin protection and nourishment. Fairness Glow Skin Cream, meantime, contains natural skin lightening agents such as sandalwood, turmeric, and saffron. This variant helps fight wrinkles and blemishes and prevents dark spots and dull skin tone caused by harsh chemicals in makeup products and exposure to extreme weather conditions. It keeps the skin nourished, protected, moisturized, and glowing by ensuring reduced melanin synthesis. Lastly, the Age Defying Skin Cream is formulated with trusted herbal skin revitalizing ingredients such as chamomile, pomegranate, and yoghurt to help fight wrinkles, blemishes fine lines, and other signs of premature ageing. It moisturizes the skin and promotes skin cell renewal for optimum collagen synthesis to give women a revitalized younger looking skin.

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