Dubai's BKP Media Group Skirts the Need for a Dolby Licensed MOD for an Audio Mix
Dubai's BKP Media Group Skirts the Need for a Dolby Licensed MOD for an Audio Mix A local Dubai music production company offers a solution to the expensive service of Dolby 5.1 sound mixing for movies, trailers and commercials. BKP Media Group is announcing its Studio 4, which has the capability and expertise to provide digital sound mixing in a variety of surround configurations up to 5.1. It used to be that these types of film offerings required a Dolby licensed MOD for an audio mix to go along with the film, an expensive and time-consuming process. Nowadays, however, with the advent of the Digital Cinema Projector, these media sources are produced digitally rather than on old-fashioned film. And BKP Media Group has positioned itself to meet this new technological challenge with its Music Mixing Online - This is a specialized studio that is highly equipped with the most recent digital equipment and also with a full time team of internationally renowned sound engineers and composers, including 5 producers and a fully complete support staff. Says Senior Vice President Alex Bendious, "Our recording studio is so highly qualified for pre-mixing of surround sound options, that you will find the perfect solutions to any high-quality sound mixing needs." Digital Cinema Projectors mean significant savings for the entertainment industry. An estimate of the cost to reproduce and distribute a movie on film would cost between $1,500 US and $2,500 US per film. Thus, making several thousands of copies of these films for distribution around the world could cost millions of dollars. In contrast, a full length movie can be stored on a regular hard drive large enough to hold it for around $150 and a wide release of 3,000 digital prints might cost $450,000. These Digital Cinema Projectors are rapidly replacing the old film version. According to Screen Digest, 91.4% of UK movie screens had been converted to digital and the rest were estimated to do so by the end of 2013. Thus, BKP Media Group finds itself uniquely situated in an industry that creates massive amounts of media. Says Bendious, "Our team of highly qualified music mixing personnel will ensure that you can create the perfect surround music for whatever project you are working on." So in the highly competitive entertainment industry, BKP Media Group is climbing to the top of the pack with its Music Mixing Online when it comes to mixing digital sound in a variety of configurations for less money and effort that what used to be the industry standard film version.     BKP is the premier music and post-production company in Dubai Media City for the last ten years. Visit Music Production Company or Music Mixing Online for more information.

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