MobiPocket reader makes reading on the go easy and effortless

Reader comes with many custom reading tools Reading on the go has become the order of the day. With many people leading busy lives not having the time to engage in leisure reading, new ways are being discovered to keep the passion of reading alive. The new MobiPocket reader is one of those devices that can make reading on the go very engaging.

While the app is primarily designed to support special E-reader Mobi files formats, this reader also helps users who want their daily dose of news get access to the latest happenings live from newsrooms across the world. Using RSS feeds, the reader once installed onto a smart device can be used to get news on the go.

The same reader app can also be used to highlight specific portions of the content for future referencing. The user can zoom in and out the content while reading it to enable a more personal experience.

As far as the reading books part of the MobiPocket reader is concerned, readers can start using the program the minute it is installed. Once installed on to a smart device or a computer, the user can proceed to download relevant content from the web and use the reader to access it. It is very easy and the user interface makes it easier to access content that is otherwise challenging to get using traditional methods.

About the MobiPocket reader:

This lightweight reader is the perfect app to have for busy people on the go who want their content to tag along with them. It is not just an E-reader app but, also an app that lets the user get the heads up on what is happening around the world. To know more about the MobiPocket reader and get it for free, log onto

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