Main chemical compositions and application of the general thermal paper rolls

The thermal paper rolls which are also known as thermal fax paper rolls, thermal recording paper rolls and thermal copy paper rolls are very commonly in people¡¯s daily life. China - The thermal paper rolls which are also known as thermal fax paper rolls, thermal recording paper rolls and thermal copy paper rolls are very commonly in people¡¯s daily life. The technician from Fuzhi Paper Co., ltd which is China most professional and famous thermal printer paper producer said that the thermal paper is one sort of working paper and their manufacturing principle of this product is that they generally coat the surface of the high quality paper with a layer of "thermal coating which is also known as the thermochromic layer. In order to help consumers get more information about their products, today, the technician will introduce with people the main compositions and application of this product.

In general, the compositions of the themral paper rolls could be concluded into more than ten sorts. Although their chemicals chemical compositions are varied, there are the following compounds which should be the most crucial. The first main compound is the colorless dye which range is very widely. However, the most commonly used one should be the fluorescent compound. The second sort is the chromogenic agent which content is about 20 % or less. The commonly used sorts is the double phenol and p-hydroxybenzoic acid. Thirdly, the sensitizer is another mainly compound which containing rate is about 10 % or less. The fourth sort of compound should be the filling material which content is approximately 50%. The commonly used filling material is calcium carbonate. On the other hand, the chemical composition of the thermal printer paper also includes the adhesive which content is approximately 10% and lubricant. Therefore, the complicated compositions determine that the making process of this kind of products is very difficult and the technically demand is very high.

After the describing of the main compounds of the Thermal roll 57 x 40 , we need to talk about the crucial application of this product. Generally speaking, the thermal paper could be used as the communication carriers of the fax machine, which is also known as the fax paper. Second, it could also be used for recording material in medical and surveying system such as ECG paper and thermal instrumental record paper. Thirdly, the Thermal Register Rolls could also be applied as the Internet terminals printing paper. On the other hand, it could be also applied into the production of trade mark, check code and others in commercial activities. Among all of above applications, the fax paper and ATM paper should be the largest consuming volume one.

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