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Recently, NFL Draft day has fall its curtain and the Gold idol and rookie whose name is Johnny Mansel has been selected by Cleveland Browns in the first round. However, this result could not meet with the demand of basketball emperor LeBron James.

As the introduction of editor from famous NFL Wholesale Jerseys supplier, LeBron James has always been loyalty fans of Mansel and he had expressed his hope that Mansel could become champion of this year¡¯s NFL draft and he had also hoped this new NFL star could be chosen by his supporting NFL team Dallas Cowboys. However, the result is that Mansel had been chosen by Cleveland Browns.

The teammate LeBron James whose name is Shane Battier also said James had watched the NFL Draft when they were training to prepare for the second war against the basketball team Nets. Shane Battier said:¡± James was very angry that the NFL team which name is Cowboys did not choose Mansel. However, he did not want to see that ugly scene.

However, this result could not prevent LeBron James' supporting to famous NFL star Mansel. When James was at the plane to participate his new match, he putted on the NFL jersey of Mansel and this situation lead to the exciting discussion from crowd: LeBron put on the jersey of Cleveland Browns!

Editor from Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys online seller said that James had served into Cleveland knight for many years. Now, his wearing for the local jersey again has lead to very deeply influence to his fans . But, there are also many reporters reflected that did LeBron forget the NFL team Cowboys? However, he has been the fans of Cowboy sich from the mid-1990s.

It was worth mentioned that the Cowboys have chosen Tony Romo again while Romo has also watched the fourth match between Spurs and Mavericks.


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