Lane Photography Studio Launches New Website for 2014, with Exclusive Client Portfolio Images

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Specializing in wedding and newborn photography, the studio has announced a new website featuring exclusive client portfolio images and samples. Lane Photography has announced the launch of a new website for 2014. Client portfolio images are featured throughout and highlighted to represent the studio’s capabilities. Portfolios for specific projects are shown on expanded pop up windows when the user clicks on the images.

In addition to photo examples, the new site includes galleries with over 20 templates to choose from. This enables clients to have their work displayed professionally. A plug-in is also supported so users can add their native languages via file translations.

Lane Photography specializes in weddings, engagements, and newborn photography . Another feature of the studio’s new websPR’site is e-commerce support. Clients can create their own online stores, allowing them to sell images and stock photography. The site therefore is a multifunctional interface and service run by industry experts.

Complete information on the services is available online. Visitors can also read reviews as they become available and connect with the studio via a number of social media outlets.

For more examples of photography work, pricing, and to see the Lane Photography portfolio, visit the company’s new website at

About Lane Photography

Lane Photography is a professional photography studio specializing in weddings and newborns. Its recently launched website includes client portfolio images plus options for clients to display and sell their work.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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