Singapore – Crowdfunding is turning out to be the hot option in the South East property investment segment. CoAssets has introduced global crowdfunding information platform, which is quite influential for the global property investors.  

The information details related to property investment available at CoAssets is unique and fresh. The purpose of information is to provide knowledge on the Crowdfunding.  CoAssets is the South East Asia's first crowdfunding and co-funding platform to build the property assets.

The director at CoAssets said, “real estate crowd finding, global investment options. We provide an elaborate and best co-investment platform that helps the global property investors to think of making appropriate property investment. We have listed several new Crowdfunding projects in the Hong Kong and South East Asia.”

People who are interested in making the investment in property market can search for reliable information at any time. CoAssets is the real estate crowdfunding website that gives the knowledge on how the crowdfunding can make an impact in regional markets.


Samantha – “I was looking at the Hong Kong property investment market for quite some time.  As I was eager to start my business venture, I needed concrete information on the crowdfunding, desperately. I started searching for the best Hong Kong crowdfunding information website and this is when I came across the CoAssets. For the last 6 months I am a regular visitor to this website. I get all the information on crowdfunding and property investment. I don’t need to go to any other place. Keep it up CoAssets. ”

About CoAssets

CoAssets is the Crowdfunding and real estate information website offering the latest and useable knowledge on the property investments. The information provided is from authentic resources. We understand the risk associated with real estate property investment. We are not making any recommendations to invest in any property. You get the right and updated information on the investment. All the property investment information is from authentic resources. At Co Assets, we help our prospective clients to understand the investment property market in South East Asia. We provide a comprehensive interface that helps the clients to stay informed and make appropriate decision at right point of time. If you want to know about the Hong Kong property investment or interested in exploring Hong Kong crowdfunding, CoAssets can help.


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