Indian Company Produces Precision Ball Lens Range for Export

There is a good market for low TG ball lens and half ball lens made by this company because of the consistently high quality of its products.

Gujarat, India, 04th June 2014 -Precision balls are used in numerous industrial and mechanical applications, especially the optical and opto-electronic industries. High quality glass ball lens components enable optical and other equipment to operate with a great deal of precision. These products are very resistant to scratches and they also have an extremely high refractive index. Depending on the application, the component used could be a glass, ruby, sapphire or even a spinel ball.

Precision glass ball components are generally required in different grades based upon the specific application they are intended for. They can vary from 0.25 mm in diameter to 10 mm. The best glass or even ruby ball lenses are made of high quality raw materials that are RoHS qualified. In fact, there is immense demand for high index glass ball lenses made using Swiss technology.

Precision products are expected to come with zero defects and this is only possible if the products are manufactured according to stringent quality control in a high tech factory. The quality of workers is also important and they need training to ensure the quality of the finished products. In addition, the products have to be packaged with a great deal of care in order to ensure that they reach their destination in good condition.

Industrial Technologies is an Indian company that manufactures a wide range of ruby, glass or sapphire ball lenses predominantly for the export market, especially to companies in the US, Japan and Europe. There is a good market for low TG ball lens and half ball lens made by this company because of the consistently high quality of its products. The other advantage is that Industrial Technologies is able to offer these products in extremely large quantities and that too at very competitive prices without compromising on quality. This company has invested in a state of the art manufacturing facility which contains precision cutting equipment. The finished products are cleaned very carefully and are packed for export in a class 100 clean room. This is definitely an Indian company that has carved a name for itself based upon the consistently high quality of its products. More information visits my site :-

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Spokesperson: - Mr. Parth (Manager- Marketing).

Devi Bhuvan,

Victoria Park Road, Jewels Circle,

Bhavnagar - 364002. Gujarat.


Phone: +912782425983
Fax: +912782428441

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