HSS Introduces Summer Gear for Surfers

Summer is here, and it is time to stock up on surfing essentials. Huntington Surf & Sport helps surfers save time and money, and spend more time on the beach, with their hassle-free online surf shop, now featuring the latest in summer surfing gear Huntington Beach, California - Summer has arrived, and before hitting the waves, it is essential to stock up on summer gear. Athletes and hobbyists alike can waste precious time researching brands and customer reviews online or visiting store front to store front in search of the latest surfboards and suits. Huntington Surf & Sport helps surfers spend more time on the beach with their easy-to-use online store, now featuring the hottest summer gear.

Uncover the best surfing gear that summer has to offer at HSS’s online surf shop, found at http://www.hsssurf.com/shop/wetsuits.html

The web’s #1 online surfboard shop, featured at http://www.hsssurf.com/shop/surf.html , houses an enormous array of boards, all in one place, from elite brands like Channel Islands, JS Industries, Haydenshapes, and Firewire. Upgrade a summer look with the sizzling items from HSS’s fashionable collection of wetsuits, boardshorts, tees, tanks, sandals, and sunglasses. In addition to maintaining exclusive surf gear for men, Huntingdon Surf & Sport’s online surf store, as seen at http://www.hsssurf.com/shop/womens.html , carries wide variety of gear and accessories just for women, with colors and styles to suit any personality and any budget. HSS makes summer shopping a snap with its hassle-free online ordering, helpful customer reviews, and gift card purchases, and all orders over $49 qualify for free shipping.

Save on summer surfing gear with HSS, the online marketplace with the best inventory of boards, suits, and accessories, superior customer service, and unbeatable pricing. For more information, see http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00084129-board-shorts-surf-gear.html

About Us:

Huntington Surf & Sport is the leading online marketplace for surfers. Specializing in surfing essentials, including surfboards, wetsuits, tees, tanks, and accessories, HSS has everything men and women need, at unparalleled pricing, to hit the waves in style.

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