Grange and Randall announce the acquisition of Fine Sounds Group

Mauro Grange and Charlie Randall have recently announced that they carried out the management buyout of Fine Sounds Group in partnership with LBO France and Yarpa. Acquired by Quadrivio in 2008, Fine Sounds Group, which today includes the brands Sonus faber, Audio Research Corporation, Wadio Digital, Sumiko and McIntosh, is going to undergo a management buyout led by Mauro Grange, CEO of Fine Sounds SpA, and Charlie Randall, president of McIntosh Laboratory Inc, in partnership with LBO France and Yarpa. The announcement was made few days ago, the 9th of May, and it marked the beginning of a new phase in the history of the group. The acquisition, indeed, is expected to foster collaborations amongst the product development, marketing, distribution and finance teams of each brand included in the group, and it will also result in the relocation of the company headquarters to New York. Mauro Grange will serve as CEO of the group, while Charlie Randall will serve as Group COO and President of McIntosh at the same time. According to Roberto D’Angelo, CEO of Yarpa, the Group gathers some of the most respected brands in the high-end audio industry, while according to Philippe Guerin, director of LBO France, the leadership of Mauro Grange and Charlie Randall is going to be successful, and he claims to be thrilled for the acquisition. Thrilled are also Grange and Randall: the CEO of Fine Sounds SpA, indeed, revealed that he and Randall have had the same vision for the future since the first time they met, wanting to create a leading group in the luxury field merging Fine Sounds and McIntosh. For this reason, when they had the chance to buy Fine Sounds Group from Quadrivio, it was the fulfillment of a wish for both. As far as Randall is concerned, the acquisition of the group is a dream come true for him, who grew up at McIntosh, having started his career there in 1985. President of McIntosh since 2001, Randall can be considered as an integral part of the McIntosh family. Also Grange’s history is strongly connected to Fine Sounds Group: at Fine Sounds Group since 2009, he was the person that spearheaded the acquisition of McIntosh, intending to create the most illustrious group of brands in the sector of high-end audio. Visit this page for more information Press release by Francesca Tessarollo Prima Posizione Srl – web marketing agency

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