Gujarat, India, 28th August 2014 - Glass ball lenses are essential part of optical instruments because they are necessary for improving the coupling of signals between various components of these equipment. In fact, a glass ball lens is essential for laser to fiber coupling and also fiber to fiber coupling. These lenses are designed to ensure the focus or collimation of light depending on the purpose that the equipment is designed for. High index glass ball parts are used not just in fiber optic equipment but also in a wide range of equipment such as the ones used for endoscopy and bar code scanners. Half ball lenses are used in situations where a regular ball lens cannot be used, most often because of space constraints.

Since ball lens and half ball lens parts are necessary for a number of photo sensitive applications, it’s a given that they have to be manufactured with a great deal of precision or else they will not be able to perform well. Gujarat based ball lens manufacturer, Industrial Technologies, has carved out a niche in this market by focusing on the manufacture of high quality ball lens and half ball lens products such as Low TG ball lens. It has clients in different parts of the world, especially the United States, Europe, China and Japan and it manufactures a large variety of parts based upon the specific needs of the customers.

Industrial Technologies uses Swiss technology in its factory and it also ensures that only the best quality materials are used to manufacture its products. Spinel, ruby and sapphire ball lenses are all part of this company’s products because of the high demand for them worldwide. These materials are perfectly suited for micro machining and they are also very hard. This makes them the right choice for precision equipment of various types. Not only do they ensure accurate readings but they also do so over very long periods of time on account of their durability. This company is able to retain its clients on account of the high level of personalized attention and quality products it offers them, all at extremely affordable prices. More information visits my site: -

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