Gujarat, India, 26th June 2014 - The day when technology meets the need there will an extraordinary outcome generated serving all the people in day to day life. Necessity is the only wind that can add to the fires of technology to spread the service at a breakneck speed. Every day in our day to day life we have seen many applications of glass, sapphire, ruby etc. but now the time has arrived where we use it for a completely different purpose. The technology advancements are really hard to guess and now we have arrived to a point where we make balls of sapphire, name them as sapphire balls and use them in Bar Code scanners, Fibre optic connectors, Ball check valves, bearing applications etc. The manufacturer may choose different materials like glass, ruby, spinel etc. and call them as glass balls, ruby balls and spinel balls respectively.

Perfection is always an abortive dream for making to turn into reality. We always deviate from the ideality and the ones with less deviation is called as more ideal one. The spherical ball manufactured by a manufacturer may deviate from its shape. But these deviations are pretty enough to spoil the purpose as they are used in Fibre optics where information is transferred at speed of light and a split second difference is nothing but a collapse. So there are certain standards set for the output and the manufacturers have to meet them in manufacturing the glass balls. Certain technologies are to be required to manufacture glass balls with such a precision and Industrial Technologies is one which possesses all such required technology.

The glass ball lenses are used in Fibre optics especially in coupling Fibres. They play a major role in transmitting the information through them without any loss. For this purpose the back focal length of the glass balls have to be as small as possible. The best way to minimize the back focal length of a glass ball is to go for high index glass balls. Low TG ball lenses is another set of tool that is widely used in precision molding. For high power ratings and rim less mountings these ball lenses are found most suitable serving the purpose. More information visits my site: -

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