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In this write-up the author has talked about the emergence of online forums as powerful tool to get reliable information on various topics.

Online forums have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years and there are many of them for almost every subject that affects the life and living standards of a majority. From scientific discussions to technology debates, internet has certainly proved to be a great medium for discussing major and general issues that are important for the modern world. Therefore if you are looking for an answer for some major technology or scientific issue, nothing can enrich your knowledge database more than the associated forum could.

Being a software developer, I always wished that there could be one platform wherein developers from all across the world could share their views on technology associated with software developing and testing. However as the time passed and internet became bigger and better, online forums for software developers came into existence. By seeing the massive numbers of discussions on online portals like, I can say yes this is what we need. Such forums are huge pile of database wherein developers and testing professionals can find a lot of information which can be extremely useful for them. Apart from being useful for professionals, these forums can also help trainees and young aspirants gain knowledge about software developing, testing and the associated new age technology. In a nutshell it is the place where you can find the most technical and advanced information about software. is a leading online forum which is enriching the knowledge database of many developers and professionals across the world. This forum is the apt place to get the most intricate detail about a software technology, which is posted by professional software developers. This discussion forum gives you a chance to discuss about new age software testing tools and software technologies and know about the views on its working by other professionals who work in the same domain. The information that you will get here is not just helpful but is also quite reliable. I have personally got some great information from this online forum which has helped me in polishing myself as a professional. Therefore if you are also a software developer or software testing professional do visit this online forum.

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This online portal offers a unique platform for software developers and trainees where they can share their experiences, updates, issues and queries related to any kind of software. This forum is designed for promoting various types of advanced testing tools which are used for software quality assurances. Following is the official address of this online forum:

PO Box 110914 Campbell,

CA, 95011,

United States

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