GEEO Announces Summer Travel To Be a Key Element to Effective Teaching

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It is important for teachers to learn to prepare the digital natives of today for the global awareness they will need in the future. To do that teachers need international and intercultural experiences. Understanding the way people in different countries live and think has never been more important to the future of the next generation. For most children, this global understanding starts at a very early age; it begins in the local classroom. Through the eyes of teachers, students learn to interact with their world, and it is through the teacher’s ability to model curiosity and a desire to explore the world that global awareness occurs. Hopefully, this increased internationalism will create better leaders, teachers, business people and world citizens. However, to achieve this objective, it is crucial that teachers learn of the world that surrounds them. Certainly, books, videos and films help them do this, but nothing works so well as summer travel for teachers at that allows educators to bring their own experiences back into the classroom.

Students of all ages look to their teachers for knowledge about a world that they have not, as yet, experienced. When teachers spend time abroad they can get a fresh perspective on this knowledge and transmit it to students. In fact, most successful internationalists attribute their interest in travel and knowledge to a teacher who inspired them with a social studies, language or history class. Further, it is teachers who play a key role in showing students tolerance and understanding of other countries.

Understandably, travel can be expensive, especially when teachers have other personal commitments. However, there are many ways to pay for international travel, including travel grants for teachers at . With a little research, planning and strategic saving, any teacher can travel to a far off land and learn about historic places and people. This is an enriching experience that brings more depth, color and awareness to your teaching abilities.

About GEEO:

GEEO, an educational travel company for teachers, is a non-profit organization that makes summer travel for teachers possible through discounted programs. GEEO features trips to some of the most remote and interesting locations in the world and, unlike other travel sites, is built around, for and by educators.

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