GEEO Announces Summer Travel to Asia

For teachers on limited budgets, traveling to Asia is too expensive to consider. The magnificence of the Great Wall of China, the mystery of the Silk Road, and the breathtaking splendor of Halong Bay—Every day, teachers across the United States share these important Asian landmarks with their students, but a precious few have actually experienced them. Traveling internationally on a teacher’s salary often makes such journeys too cost prohibitive to consider. Known as the leader in discounted teacher travel, as seen at , Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) is thrilled to announce summer travel to Asia.

For those interested in traveling to Asia, GEEO currently features four exquisitely planned travel opportunities for teachers, as outlined at . The 12-day Heart of the Silk Road adventure tours this legendary pathway through the best of Uzbekistan. The excursion from Bangkok to Hanoi includes everything from discovering Buddhist temples to cruising down the Mekong River, from riding elephants to swimming under Nature’s most beautiful waterfalls. Explore China by visiting the Great Wall and jumping into the fast-paced urban energy of Shanghai. Delight in a 2-week trip through Vietnam, relishing the excitement of Ho Chi Minh City, the colorful atmosphere of Ha Noi, and the inspiring beauty of Halong Bay.

For discounted teacher travel, as featured at , GEEO has the outstandingly organized trips and supportive infastructure to make travel to Asia a possibility for America’s greatest educators. For more information, see

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Based in Pennsylvania, Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) has revolutionized the world of teacher travel. GEEO’s discounted teacher travel programs uses creative accommodations and carefully planned itineraries to make international travel a possibility for every teacher and every budget.

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