From-US is the leading provider of U.S. based addresses for those living overseas

This press release outlines the benefits of using From-US for your USA import needs.
As 2014 begins to wind to a close, more and more people across the globe begin to prepare for the year-end holiday and gift giving festivities. They begin to do some USA online shopping in order to find great deals on the items they want to give and suddenly realize that there is an issue: they can't Import From USA because many retailers won't ship overseas. Unfortunately, this is a scenario that will play out again and again all across the world, especially when ordering from retailers like eBay and many designer boutique retailers based in the U.S., leaving some overseas customers very disappointed this holiday season.

But is there a way to get around this seemingly insurmountable obstacle without relocating to the United States? The answer is an overwhelming yes. You simply get a USA mailing address.

Believe it or not, getting a United States address isn't as hard as you might think. No, you don't have to purchase a home inside the U.S. And pay someone to receive the goods and then reroute them to you. You simply hire From-US to provide you with a U.S. Address to which you have your items shipped.

From-US is an import/export company that can help facilitate your purchase by providing you with an American address to which you have your purchases shipped. After they arrive, From-US will arrange to have your purchases sent to you, wherever that might me. They have several warehouses located within the U.S. And can provide you with shipping options ranging from DHL to FedEx and more, depending on your preference and country of origin.

In addition, From-US can even do your shopping for you via their online concierge service. When you sign up for an account, you simply select the concierge service from their menu, provide the details for your purchase list and then leave the rest to the professionals at From-US.

There are a few restrictions for items that can't be imported, regardless of who is making the purchase. For example, agriculture products are banned in Australia due to strict customs regulations. In addition, there are additional taxes and fees that you may be responsible for. However, all of this is outlined in the purchase process.

So, if you are looking to land the latest designer handbag, a gift for your mother or want to take advantage of a great deal on eBay, don't worry about not being able to purchase the items you want due to shipping restrictions. Sign up for an account with From-US today and find out what shopping confidently really means.

About From US

From US is a France based import expeditor that has dedicated their business to helping individuals and companies around the world who want to buy American products from American companies but have had trouble because of the shipping issues. For more information regarding the services provided by From-US, what items might be prohibited or simply how to sign up for your own U.S. Address, contact them at

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