Flashpark Founder Features in Televised Parking Debate

Last year a one-off documentary, 'Parking Mad', revealed the extent to which parking gets Brits riled up. Now, a new four-part extended series of the programme is to be broadcast on the BBC, delving deeper into the public's problems with parking.

Costas Constantino, founder of Flashpark and inventor of the talking parking ticket, will feature in the first episode, to be broadcast at 9pm Thursday 17 April on BBC1. Costas is just one of the British Parking Association (BPA) members to feature in the show; he will be providing insight in to what life is like on the frontline of parking enforcement, discussing car park management issues from a professional standpoint. In addition to parking enforcement, the series will take a look at issues including blue badge fraud, local authority parking, private sector car parks and bailiffs.

Brits place a high value on the freedom and independence that driving a car affords us, but we are yet to reach an accord on parking when there is so much competition over space in the country's urban areas. The programme's makers, Century Films, are hopeful that the discussions and points of view raised in the programme will help drive the debate forward and share different points of view, balancing the needs of motorists with those of private land owners and others.

Costas commented on the programme: “Parking is a hot topic for debate among drivers, whether the conversation is focused on how to pay, whether or not a charge was justified or simply where to park. But given the pertinence of the issue among individuals, there is still a woefully low level of meaningful debate in the media and among politicians about how to improve things in reality.”

He added: “The sector as a whole is in desperate need of innovation. New ideas like our talking parking ticket are a start, but programmes like this help to push the matter to the forefront of public matters, reminding councils that they need to put real policies in place to help solve matters. Issues including parking for the disabled, accessible parking places for local residents and a fair and reasonable process for both land owners and drivers, all need to be addressed now or they will only become harder to solve in the coming years.”


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