First-ever DermoMenz range of male deodorants unveiled in Middle East

Long-lasting fragrance of Octane, Subzero, Roar and Player variants allow young Arab males to ‘Play Wild’

Dubai, UAE – 16 June, 2014 – Dabur International, one of the most trusted and recognized personal and healthcare companies in the world, has announced their entry into men’s personal care segment with the launch of its first men’s deodorant under its DermoMenz range of grooming products. Deodorants are the second largest selling and fastest growing product in the men’s grooming category after shaving in the Middle East and Africa region.

Young Arab men are dynamic, aspirational and energetic who spend a lot of their time in external activities such as sports, adventure, workouts or just outdoor fun with their friends. The DermoMenz range of long-lasting deodorants is specially formulated for these active Arab youth who can ‘Play Wild’ all day long and still feel confident because of their fresh body odor.

Dabur, with its centuries of expertise in natural personal care products, has identified time-tested ingredients that have been used across cultures for centuries for enhancing physical and mental capacities. These are Exotic Guarana, Intense Cocoa, Wild Ginseng, and Cool Dragon fruit. Enriched with these ingredients, DermoMenz range of deodorants is a breakthrough power formula that offers long lasting odor protection for young Arab men, keeping them fresh, energized and ready to win wild games all through the day.

Reflecting Dermomenz’s commitment to developing skin safe products, these deodorants do not contain harmful chemicals present in other ordinary deodorants that can block skin pores. Besides, the anti-staining formula does not leave residue, thus prevents clothes from staining. The extra strong formula of DermoMenz deodorants is highly effective for a long lasting fragrance, while it conditions and moisturizes skin.

DermoMenz deodorants are available in four variants of 150 ml spray bottles: Octane, Subzero, Roar and Player.

Octane has an energizing mix of natural extracts of Guarana, a berry from the Amazon rainforests known to contain about three times more concentration of caffeine than coffee beans. The WildEnergy formula with spicy notes acts as a mental stimulant that relieves fatigue and rejuvenates energy.

Subzero has a refreshing fragrance derived from natural extracts of Dragon Fruit, an exotic fruit from Central America widely known as a physical stimulant. The specially formulated MorningFresh fragrance of the deodorant creates a soothing and cooling effect on skin, keeping men recharged for long periods.

Roar has an Active Sport formula prepared with natural extracts of wild Ginseng root which has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine for enhancing stamina and mental capacities. Aside from extra-long protection from strong body odor via SportProtect actives, the anti-aging ingredients guards against common skin problems.

Player has been formulated with cocoa extracts which have been used as a natural aphrodisiac by Mayans and Aztecs. The IntenSeductive formula with a blend of attractive notes results in a strong masculine aroma that boosts the charm quotient and enhances confidence. The deodorant is specifically suitable for those who want to make a lasting impression on others.

Rohit Dogra, Senior Marketing Manager, Dabur International, said: “Deodorants are the second largest selling grooming products among male personal care and are growing at a rapid pace in the key Middle Eastern markets. Our market research indicated that young Arab men are looking for longer lasting, safer and better smelling alternatives for deodorants. Therefore, we have introduced our new range of DermoMenz deodorants that meet the needs of the region’s male consumers. Apart from a pleasing fragrance that offers 24-hour protection against strong body odor, it leaves no residue or stain marks. We are upbeat that DermoMenz deodorants will make young Arabs feel more confident while they are free to play wild.”

Dabur International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dabur India that has an overall turnover of over USD 1 billion and a market capitalization of USD 4 billion. Dabur’s International Business Division headquartered in Dubai is the cornerstone of its growth strategy, reaching a milestone of AED 1 billion within only eight years of existence.

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